Manga is the one thing that inspires me the most. I dream of stories and adventures, both depicting reality and fantasy worlds. Here you will find the two stories that I've worked on the most in the last couple of years. Although I'm very aware none of these are finished, I do hope that they will be fully released and printed one day, and hopefully, you will find them, at the least, enjoyable!


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Your Portrait

Your Portrait (Kimi no Shouzouga) is a slice-of-life, romance manga written, drawn and published online by me. It tells the story of Souta Tachibana, a guy who has all that is needed to become a renown artist. It could be said that his talents and techniques allow him to have an easy road to success. But, there is something holding him back. A year before he started at the Fine Arts Academy, an ill-fated event with Honoka Suzuki, the girl he loved, marked him forever. Now his career seems hampered for his lack of interest in art. That is until a stranger appears claiming to be his former love. The problem is... is she really the same girl?

Status: In Hiatus 

You can read what has been published of Your Portrait at these sites:




Silvermoon Saga

Silvermoon Saga is a Medieval High-Fantasy story, inspired by games like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder, but brought into the aesthetics of Manga. The story focuses on Victoria Summerwind, a wandering Paladin in quest for her dead goddess and her lost sister who happens to be the last hope of the kingdom of Doman against the creatures of darkness in a world where evil has already triumphed.

Status: In Development

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